Pick a word, any word!

As well as regular blog posts, Ponta and I will be releasing an occasional series of video blogs too. They will range from presentational ideas and theory, to interviews and discussions, with maybe even a couple of techniques and tricks thrown in as well.

In this first video I will be looking at the words we use when getting a card selected, and what impact that has on our magic. This should be especially useful for non-native English speakers who nonetheless have to perform in English, but even for native speakers there may be some things you haven’t thought about as well. It is also something that I suspect you may be able to adapt to languages other than English.

I haven’t worked out a neat way of embedding the video, so it may look a bit clunky for now but will try to beautify it for the next one. If you have any requests for future videos, or suggestions or comments then then please let me know!