Woody on Stebbins (Vol.1-4)

Woody on Stebbins (Vol.1-4)



What happens when  a genius like Woody Aragon puts his attention on a principle as powerful as the Si Stebbins stack? The answer: Magic.

This is a must-have series for anyone interested in strong, entertaining and impossible card magic, regardless of whether you’re familiar with the stack or not.

With four volumes, eleven incredible effects and over 2 hours of content, you could easily come away from this collection with a brand new show’s worth of killer material.


Divine Inspiration: A classic divination effect, full of great presentational touches

Human Lie Detector: Alex Elmsley’s routine is given the Woody treatment, utilizing the stack in a very clever way

Intuition: An ingenious use of Si Stebbins, where the blindfolded magician successfully divines the suit and value of a freely selected card which not even the spectator has seen!

Birthday Card: A birthday message is waiting for the spectator in the exact position he selects under apparently impossible conditions.

Poker Deal: A quick, simple and strong poker demonstration, including an explanation of how return to the stack after dealing.

Book Test: This is a killer mentalism routine, based on ideas from Anneman, Stewart James and Woody himself.

Shuffled Divination: A divination effect which allows the spectator to shuffle the cards, yet ends up in Si Stebbins.

Spell of Mystery: A wonderful spelling trick using Si Stebbins, allowing the spectator to make all the decisions yet still spell perfectly to their selection.

Perfect Ritual: A blockbuster routine which Woody himself uses as a closer. The deck is dealt to four spectators who all end up selecting the same value despite freely cutting their cards. The routine ends by showing that each packet has magically arranged itself in perfect order!

Si Señor: This impossible card location is not only a strong piece of magic in itself, it is also an unbelievable utility effect, since it allows you to get into Si Stebbins from new deck order.

Si-Fry: Under utterly impossible conditions, with the spectator themselves shuffling the deck, you are still able to perfectly read the spectator’s mind by naming every card they are holding. By combining Si Stebbins with a couple of other clever principles, Woody has created a master of mentalism.

Running Time: 2 hours 16 minutes