One Coin: Vol.3 – Sho Takashige

One Coin: Vol.3 – Sho Takashige



ONE COIN is a groundbreaking new series from The Impossible Co., where various masters of coin magic present their own one coin routine, each focusing on a different set of sleights, principles or other ideas. Since they all use the same simple prop, you can take elements from each to form your own personal routine.

In part three of the series, FISM winner Sho Takashige introduces a wonderful sequence full of elegant, impossible-looking coin magic. It starts with a very devious barehanded coin production, follows with a cleverly-constructed series of vanishes and appearances, before ending just as clean as you started.

Best of all, it is far easier than it looks, and should be well within the grasp of any intermediate coin worker.

Running Time: 15 minutes


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