Possible Deck – Kickstarter Campaign

Possible Deck – Kickstarter Campaign


The Impossible Co. has teamed up with TWPCC with one very simple mission: to bring you the best quality cards at the most affordable price. Premium, custom decks are notoriously expensive leaving them out of the reach of many card enthusiasts. We wanted to change that, and thanks to the collaborative effort of one of the world’s finest card manufacturers, we are hoping to make this dream a reality.

TWPCC have just released their new line of card stock, and it is without question their finest to date. It uses luxury thin paper, has a beautiful finish and handles like a dream. The combination of beautiful, silky smooth handling and perfect printing has led many to consider TWPCC as the top card manufacturer in the world today. That’s why it’s such an honor to be collaborating with them on this project.

And best of all, since we’re shipping the cards straight from the factory to your door, we have managed to cut out all the intermediary costs, passing the savings straight onto you. The result: a premium deck for under $3!

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