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Mario Lopez is perhaps the finest creative force in magic today. He has an ingenious knack for finding something new, interesting and utterly impossible in even the most familiar props and magic plots.

Nowhere is this more obvious than his Instagram channel, where over the past few years he has posted one mindbending miracle after another. We have collected five of his finest, most interesting and practical routines which have far more utility than simply tricks for the camera. They include bit-by-bit vanishes of both cards and coins, a startling gradual color change of a coin in full view, as well as more offbeat items featuring a mini matrix and coins that disappear in a puff of smoke.



Rub-out Coin – A coin is vanished little by little with just one finger. The coin is then brought back to existence with another magical rub.

Rub-out Card – A similar effect, but this time using a different technique to vanish an entire, ungimmicked playing card.

Coin Warp – A startling color change, as a coin is placed inside the fingers and materialises the other side as an entirely different coin.

Up in Smoke – A coin is placed in the hand, and the hand is filled with smoke. As the smoke rises out of the hand, the coin is shown to have disappeared from the hand and reappears from the rising smoke.

OneTrix A – A completely baffling, beautifully structured matrix using the cover of just one playing card.

OneTrix B -An updated handling, featuring a host of changes, turning the routine into a true minor miracle.

Running time: 1hr 7 minutes