Fade to Black

Fade to Black


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“Arturo de Ascanio said that the complete magician needs three things: a good brain, a good smile, and good hands. The better these are, the better the magician. And Luis Olmedo has all three in spades!” – Juan Luis Rubiales

“Luis Olmedo is the diabolical combination of exquisite technique and ingenious thinking. He’s the evolution of magic. What he does is art!” – Luis Otero

“When talent, good sense and dedication are combined, the result is magic as beautiful as it is deceptive. Welcome to the world of Luis Olmedo.” –Joaquín Matas


Luis Olmedo represents the new breed of Spanish greats, winning countless awards including Spain’s “Magician of the Year” in 2016. After his debut project “Pygmalion”, Olmedo is back to teach his groundbreaking work on black art.

We all know the miracles that black art can produce.  However, many magicians shy away from using it in their live shows, afraid that it won’t work without complicated and precise lighting conditions. Finally, after years of thinking, experimenting and performing with black art in front of real audiences, Olmedo teaches you how to get the most out of it in any conditions, whether stage, close-up, or on a screen.

In addition to detailed sections on the theory, construction and handling of black art, you will also learn five beautiful routines, from original effects such as “A Wish” to classics such as “Chicago Opener” and “Open Travellers”, which Olmedo has made even more impossible thanks to his clever use of black art.

Whether you’re new to black art, or have used it and are looking to learn more, Fade to Black is the most detailed, extensive and practical resource on the subject to date.



In addition to sections on theory, references, handlings and more, you will learn the following beautiful routines:

A Wish – A card is selected, before the deck is placed aside. A coin is visibly changed into the selected card, before turning back into a coin to finish.

Chicago Opener – This update to the classic version allows the selected card to be isolated from the deck from start to finish.

Open Travellers– Four Queens are turned invisible and “palmed” one by one from one packet to another. The ingenious use of black art allows for incredibly clean displays, including beautiful vanishes of both the first and last Queens.

Card in Glass– Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. The first selection appears magically appears in a previously empty glass, before transforming into the second spectator’s selection. Both the card and glass can be handed out for examination.

The General Card – Another classic which Luis has elevated to new levels of impossibility. A Joker is placed on the table, before three cards are selected by three different spectators. The isolated Joker turns into each selection in turn, before transforming back into a Joker to finish.

Running time: 1hr 45 minutes