One Coin: Vol.1 – Ponta the Smith

One Coin: Vol.1 – Ponta the Smith



ONE COIN is a groundbreaking new series from The Impossible Co., where various masters of coin magic present their own one coin routine, each focusing on a different set of sleights, principles or other ideas. Since they all use the same simple prop, you can take elements from each to form your own personal routine.

In part one of the series, Ponta will show you an elegant, fooling routine that is smooth as silk, yet is achieved with nothing more than finger palm. But more important than the routine itself is the thinking behind it. The central idea here is Ponta’s concept of “flow”. Every movement, every vanish and every appearance seems to flow effortlessly into the next. Yet this is not by mere accident, and Ponta goes into great detail to explain his thinking every step of the way. Armed with this knowledge, you can apply the same ideas to more complex routines to create even stronger miracles.

Running Time: 15 minutes


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