Hola Japón!

Hola Japón!



Three incredible routines by a FISM prizewinner and Spanish master. But this is more than just an explanation of wonderful tricks. Javi Benitez also gives a masterclass in the fine details of sleights such as palms, double lifts, loads and additions, as well as presentational and theoretical concepts such as in-transit actions, naturalness and more.


-Baroque Transposition: Two signed cards switch places under impossible conditions. This is a technically demanding routine, though you’d never suspect that in Javi’s hands. Featuring the Smooth Palm, one of the most beautiful palms you will ever (or rather, never) see!

-Invisible CAAN: A wonderful, seriously-fooling routine with a whimsical presentation and virtually no sleight of hand.

-Follow the Leader: Javi has updated and streamlined this classic card plot, replacing endless, repetitive counts with natural displays, humorous extra phases and a super clean ending.


Running Time: 60 minutes

Digital download and streaming with chapters for easy navigation