Mat Tricks

Mat Tricks


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Sleight-of-hand legend Akira Fujii has turned the humble close-up mat from a mere tool into an effect in itself. Akira’s wonderful system of techniques is as versatile as it is magical, with effects  ranging from card transpositions, monte routines, penetrations, coincidences and more. In this download you’ll learn five routines, as well as a host of sleights, including palms, steals, loads and even Akira’s coveted “Sidewinder” which is worth the price of admission alone.

With just a deck of cards and a close-up mat, a new world of possibilities awaits!




Perfect MATch: A mystery card is placed under the mat before the spectator freely names any card. Their card is shown to be absent from the deck, as it’s discovered that the card they named was the very card removed before the trick began!

Mat Monte: This monte routine features a wonderful final phase where the money card impossibly switches places with a card placed under the mat a moment before.

Card Through Mat: Akira uses this as an ambitious card phase, as the signed selection melts all the way through the deck and appears under the mat.

Flash Appearance: While not using the mat directly, this is the routine which led to the Mat Tricks system. As well as the card production, Akira tips his amazing “Sidewinder” technique in detail.

Four-for-Four: In an instant, four Aces placed under the mat switch places with four Kings in the hands. A visual, direct, beautiful piece of sleight-of-hand. An asymmetrical transposition of four Kings and one Ace is also taught.

Running Time: 45 minutes