Fine Tuned

Fine Tuned




Welcome to the future of coin magic.

The miracles Huki achieves with coins aren’t the result of knuckle-busting sleights, but rather a beautiful mix of technique, timing, subtleties and a myriad of small details. The good news for us is that he is just as good at communicating all of these touches as he is at performing them. The result is Fine Tuned, a treasure trove of information which we guarantee will help you improve your coin magic.

The eight effects in the collection feature something for everyone. Some use a table, others are for standup; some are short routines, while others run to several minutes; some are very simple, while others will require more practice. But each and every routine is clean, clear and very deceptive.

Everything is so well thought out. Creative, properly motivated, and truly magical! You’re going to love this!!!-Danny Goldsmith

Huki’s technique and handling are probably the most beautifull I have ever seen in coin magic, the movements of his hands are completly art. And as if the above were not enough… the internal construction and structure of the routines is so so good, very strong, convincing and wrapped up with the creativity and ingeninuity of Huki’s own techniques.-Rubi Ferez

So happy Huki is sharing some of his outstanding coin work. His ideas are crazy technical-wise yet smooth and flawlessly performed, method structuring is solid and his handling is graceful and effortless. Coins are at home in the hands of this young talent.-Pipo Villanueva


Huki Coins Across – A no extra, no gimmick version full of great little touches

Under, Over, In – A wonderfully-structured routine where coins disappear one by one only to reappear under, on and inside the coin purse

Practicoins – This super-practical routine is packed full of strong, entertaining yet easy-to-do magic

International Flight – Quite simply the cleanest coins across we’ve ever seen

Hidden Treasure – A beautiful piece where coins are plucked from thin air, before vanishing one by one

3 Fly – Huki’s structuring, subtleties and handling turn this into a true miracle

Fireback Matrix – A matrix effect which solves many problems of other versions

Blowdart – A whimsical, entertaining and very deceptive routine with three regular coins

Running Time: 2 hr 5 min