Oil and WHAT THE…

Oil and WHAT THE…



Oil and WHAT THE… is a stunning update to a classic of card magic. Red and black cards are clearly interlaced one by one, and with not even the hint of a suspicious move, the blacks VISUALLY melt through the reds. There are no gimmicks, no extra cards, and what’s even more amazing is that this beautiful routine can be done with ZERO difficult sleights. Both the sleight-of-hand and semi-automatic versions have the same mind-bending visual finale, and the fine points of both are taught in expert detail. And since it uses regular cards it can be incorporated into any existing  Oil and Water routine you currently do.


As a bonus, Takeshi has also included another Oil and Water idea – a wonderful “Antifaro O+W” (which isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds).

Takeshi Taniguchi has long been considered one of Japan’s greatest cardicians, and in his first international release you get the chance to find out why.

Running time: 30 minutes